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Kualoli Retreats | Robin at main house

Personal Retreat Experience

Kualoli Retreats | Robin Yoga
About Robin

I have dedicated my life to the art and science of personal transformation,  studentship and mentorship, specializing in an approach that empowers  individuals to navigate life's highs and lows with purpose, clarity and courage. My  evolution in this field began at a young age, as I harnessed the power of yoga,  meditation and various healing modalities and techniques to overcome personal  challenges, heal from surgeries and injuries, break free from cultural and  personal dependancies, and to make significant career and life changes,  resulting in my ability to feel light in a heavy world.  

Originally hailing from the vibrant and eclectic Bay Area in California, I spent  decades immersing myself in the heart of San Francisco's diverse culture. It is  here that I cultivated my expertise as both a student and a teacher, absorbing the  rich tapestry of knowledge and experiences San Francisco and the entire Bay  Area has to offer. 

My Approach

I do not promote a "fix it quick" mentality or sugarcoat the complexities of  personal growth. My practical approach is straightforward, cutting through the  noise to address the root causes of individuals’ challenges. Those who work with  me appreciate my no-nonsense approach, valuing my ability to guide you  towards action and sustainable change.  

I attune to your unique spirit, understanding where it seeks growth and why  resistance may be present. I am not just a mentor but a catalyst for your  transformation, helping you navigate the intricacies of your inner world while  guiding you towards a path of your own unique personal revelations. 

Kualoli Retreats | Robin and student standing
My Training & Experience
Kualoli Retreats | Robin yoga pose

Throughout my life, I explored and immersed myself in practices that were once,  and still are, deemed unorthodox or naive by mainstream standards. However, in  a culture that often dismisses the wisdom of medicine men and women, yogis,  rishis, shamans, healers, and spiritual guides, many people find themselves  overmedicated, undergoing unnecessary surgeries, overstressed and trapped in  areas of their lives they need not be. I seek to rekindle the understanding that  these ancient practices are not outdated or irrelevant but offer essential keys to  unlocking personal growth, healing, and transformation. My deep conviction lies  in my understanding that these ancient and time-tested methods, embraced by  ancient cultures from around the world, are the most effective means for  achieving profound and lasting transformations.  

Deeply influenced by my studies with esteemed teachers in the Bay Area, I also  had the privilege of learning from and alongside some of the region's most  renowned mentors, shaping my understanding of ancient practices and their relevance in the modern world. In 2002 and 2005, my pursuit of wisdom guided  me to India, presenting me with an extraordinary opportunity to engage in  teachings alongside revered spiritual guides, including the Dalai Lama. Upon  returning to the United States, I consistently sought opportunities to immerse  myself in the presence of esteemed spiritual figures like Amma and Pema Chödrön, as well as contemporary thought leaders such as Shaman Durek.  

What sets me apart is my ability to seamlessly blend the timeless knowledge of  these ancient practices with the demands of our fast-paced modern world.

I  stand at the intersection of old and new, making it possible for you to learn and  develop tools for balancing the challenges of contemporary life.

I serve as a  bridge between tradition and the present, offering an approach to personal  transformation that empowers individuals to thrive in our ever-shifting world.
My Process
Kualoli Retreats | Robin and student floorwork

In our time together, I draw from an expansive array of modalities, putting a new  spin on the word ‘prescription’. A routine may include specific movements,  breathwork, guided meditations and visualizations, mantras, writing prompts and  more for deep release while aligning the mind with spirit. I also incorporate the  power of open dialog, allowing you to explore the depths of your consciousness. I  also skillfully assist you to refine your limiting beliefs through refining your  language that leaves space for possibility and growth.  

Located on an off-grid sanctuary on the Big Island of Hawaii, my retreats also  include valuable time spent in nature, connecting with the earth's wisdom, and  intuition-strengthening practices that help you tap into your inner knowing.  

I am your dedicated guide through change in a very  unique setting. Inviting you into my three acre Hawaii home that I operate as a  retreat center, I share my knowledge, wisdom, experience, and a genuine  commitment to helping you discover your inner power and embrace your true  potential.  

This is a very unique and rare opportunity for those ready to invest in positive life  change, navigate career shifts, work with personal life struggles and/or heal from  physical illness and injury.

With a small presence on IG I fly mostly under the radar. You won’t see much of  me online. Instead, I continue to engage with my self-cultivated community from  San Francisco, by referral, word of mouth and with those who come across me in  a serendipitous way. Choosing to offer myself primarily away from social media  allows me the peace of mind I most thoroughly enjoy. 

Next Steps

Use the resources below to help you decide if you'd like to work together:

  • Reviews from past personal retreat customers

  • Vibe Check - A "get to know me" question & answer section

  • Contact me for inquires on support,  mentorship, practice and guidance with me here on the magical Big Island of Hawaii. 

  • Complimentary 90 minute audio yoga asana practice

Complimentary Yoga Asana Practice (audio, 90min)Robin Duryea
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Ready to work with Robin?

Great! Fill out the application below and let your journey begin!


“I went to work with Robin because I could feel that she is an incredibly powerful teacher, not only with physical asana but also with philosophy, mythology, mantra, etc. When I initially met her she had such a strong and healing presence. I wanted to work on feeling inspired and cultivating more freedom in my life.


My experience was completely transformative!! I absolutely loved my sessions with Robin twice a day. She is a total powerhouse!! She tailored all of my sessions to assist with my current life experiences and challenges, and I felt completely seen and held by her. We worked on alignment with physical asana practice, specific mantras to help with my current situation, as well as deep meditation, breath work, and other unique healing modalities that Robin offered.


I was left feeling better than I could have ever imagined! As someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my life, I felt like the chemicals in my brain were equalized for the first time. And the blessings in my life flowed in after I left Robin’s retreat center. The results were nothing short of pure magic! It’s hard to put it all into words - it must be experienced to be understood.”


- Whitney P.

Get to Know Robin - Vibe Check

  • What is one area of life I suggest people start working on today?
    A recommended focus for immediate personal development is the cessation of seeking external permission. Determine what brings you joy and vitality, even if those around you may not comprehend. Your choices are a personal matter. Maintain patience, recognizing that positive outcomes require time and persistence.
  • What do I love about teaching?
    I’m a rebel at heart so my passion for teaching lies in assisting individuals to reclaim their power and find empowerment.
  • What’s an important truth?
    An essential truth is that you perpetually hold the power of choice. While the available options may not always be favorable, the key realization is that you are never without a choice. It's within your control to allow life's challenges to either wound you or contribute to your wisdom. The decision is ultimately yours.
  • A favorite book?
    I recommend anything by Pema Chödrön. “When Things Fall Apart” and “The Places That Scare You”.
  • What do I see as a big misunderstanding in our culture that has significant consequences?
    A prevalent cultural misunderstanding with significant consequences is the pervasive notion that individuals lack self-awareness regarding their bodies, hearts, and minds—a misconception I find noteworthy. This misconception has led many away from their innate knowledge, wisdom, and the capacity for self-regulation and self-healing. Frequently, individuals express uncertainty about physical and emotional states, such as headaches, fatigue, stress, or fear, stating, “I don’t know why.” My assertion is that, in reality, individuals do possess this knowledge. The inclination to feign ignorance serves as a means to alleviate the discomfort associated with change. It frequently operates as a mechanism to evade responsibility and circumvent essential corrective actions.
  • What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?
    A good time. When are we leaving and who’s driving!?
  • Where do you want to travel to that you haven’t yet been?
    Greece and Mexico City
  • Which teacher are you currently studying with?
    Carolyn Myss
  • What music did you love growing up?
    Led Zeppelin
  • What’s one of my biggest life accomplishment to this day?
    Not giving up on myself and what’s possible for my life. As a child, I struggled with depression, lack of confidence, and self-esteem and was put on ‘medication’ at a young age which made me more ill and disconnected. I started my slow journey to freedom young and could have easily been pressured to take another route or given up. I didn’t. I stayed patient. Looking over my shoulder I am so grateful I faced my own and others doubts.
  • A go-to podcast?
    Ancient Wisdom Today by Shaman Durek.
  • What’s an area of my life I have to keep working on?
    As an adult, I’ve been told how confident I am. While I am confident, it is because I have worked on it. I still do. Healing isn’t linear. It’s like strengthening a muscle. Certain areas will always need attention.
  • What do I want to help people with? What do I see that needs support?
    My professional focus is aiding individuals in recognizing and addressing their blind spots and areas of resistance. I provide tools that foster awareness of patterns of resistance and offer practices to overcome feelings of stagnation. In a world that often overlooks individual talents and offerings, I encourage clients not to view life as a dress rehearsal and to seize opportunities. Learning to relax, avoiding personalization of challenges, and cultivating trust in oneself and the universal laws are integral aspects of my approach. When confronted with significant decisions, I often employ a reflective practice— imagining myself on my deathbed, looking back at my present position, and contemplating what my future self would advocate: playing it safe or taking bold steps.
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Fill out the form below and I’ll tailor a program specifically for you and your needs, based on your responses. We’ll review the program and make any needed adjustments. The retreat will also equip you with tools to take home for continued practice and confidence on your journey. 

Answer these questions and let the journey begin!

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