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Kūaloli Retreats & Lodging | Pāhoa, Hawaii | Gardens

Retreats & Events

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Join Yoga teacher Robin Duryea, owner of Kūaloli Retreats, for a week-long retreat for re-connecting to the knowledge and wisdom of your body via the chakra system. 


The first step in getting from where you are to where you want to be is to look at and pay attention to what is. You will spend the week getting into the down and dirty by observing the limiting attributes and qualities as is associated with each chakra. What is in the body that is ready to transform and transmute? Where are you holding yourself back? We will observe and work with fear, guilt, shame, loss, lies, illusion, and attachments by understanding both their gifts and limitations. We'll replace these energies with trust, safety, creativity, choice, courage, compassion, acceptance, truth, vision, perspective, connection and will power. For added support we will work the five elements; earth, water, fire, air and ether for further integration and expansion. 


Practice includes: Yoga asana to get us into the body where information and consciousness resides. Pranayama for clarity and strength. Meditation for insight and information. Mantra for direction and transmutation. Writing for clarity and creativity. Immersion with the profound nature of Hawaii for health, truth, calm and inspiration. 

Experience a deep immersion with nature at Kūaloli Retreat Center. Sitting along the Red Road on the East Side of the Big Island, experience the power of nature and the strength of your practice.  

Seven Days + Seven Chakras + Five Elements Retreat
For clarity, empowerment & will power
April 21-29, 2023
Pāhoa, Big Island, Hawaii

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