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Kūaloli Retreats & Lodging | Pāhoa, Hawaii | Beach Sunset Retreat

Join Yoga teacher Robin Duryea, owner of Kūaloli Retreats, for a week-long retreat to celebrate, observe and honor both an ending and a new beginning. 

The week will balance both celebration and time with the land to facilitate both letting go and calling in. Retreat offerings include Vinyasa Yoga, meditation, chanting, New Year’s Eve Kirtan, farm-to-table meals and the best New Year’s Eve fireworks show on the Red Road!

Held at Kūaloli Retreat Center, along the Red Road on the East Side of the Big Island, experience a deep immersion into the power of nature and the beauty of your practice. This unique location sits at the jungle's edge, across from the ocean, and at the base of a volcano, where life is booming with birdsongs, a breathtaking display of flora and fauna, the dazzling night sky, and daily rainbows. Just steps from Black Sand Kehena Beach and the Pohoiki Hot Springs this is a sacred strip of land that is sure to awaken and inspire you. 

On-site lodging is limited to 9 guests. Off-site lodging and camping are also available. 

New Years Hawaii Kirtan Retreat
Dec 27th, 2022 - Jan 2nd, 2023
Puna, Big Island, Hawaii

MEDITATION for the Creatively Distracted
October 22 - 29, 2022
Pāhoa, Big Island, Hawaii

Kūaloli Retreats & Lodging | Pāhoa, Hawaii | Yoga Retreat

Everyone's mind wanders. Wandering is part of the mind's job! This isn't a reason or an excuse to not meditate. Meditation is a form of mind training. Meditation is the practice of learning to sit with what is; comfort & discomfort. From there you begin to formulate new thoughts; inspired thoughts, creative thoughts, and expanded & unlimited thoughts. Yes, the irony is meditation is both simple and can feel quite challenging. It's ok. It doesn't take much to make a big difference.

This week's retreat is for those who understand the power of meditation and want continued support in developing, fine-tuning, and getting more comfortable with sitting for at least 20 min a day 3-4 days a week as their daily/weekly routine. Go home with renewed excitement, discipline & creativity with how you practice and experience meditation. Limit the noise by connecting deeply within. The benefits are mind-blowing.


This retreat is small. 3-5 people max. Lot's of room for questions & sharing, one-on-one time, practice, play, rest, adventure & quietude.