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Kūaloli Retreats | Pāhoa, Hawaii | Main building and grounds


The abundance of this land and the simplicity and grace of the accommodations are the perfect place for reconnecting to what's really essential and important in life. 

Our spaces have been thoughtfully designed and furnished to accommodate groups large and small, those that want privacy and those interested in family style living. Our venue offers versatile configuration with at least ten beds, allowing for both single and double occupancy. The large Glass Villa serves as our Main House and the trio of Junglows naturally facilitates a gathering space in an unforgettable setting where adventure and tranquillity seamlessly coexist.


Our accommodations are simple, clean and comfortable, ensuring a restful and rejuvenating stay. Both the Main House and the Jungalows offer sweeping and uninterrupted views of the lush jungle and the majestic landscape where the boundaries between self and the natural world effortlessly dissolve. 


As you settle in, the soothing sounds of the ocean serves as a melodic backdrop, further enhancing your experience.

Immerse yourself where the boundaries between the self and the
natural world effortlessly dissolve. 


Main House

Welcome to the Glass Villa, aka, The Main House – your haven for communal living! With its grand 3600 sq. ft. open floor plan and 30-foot ceilings, this villa seamlessly blends indoor-outdoor living for a nature-inspired experience. In the context of the Main House, our design is inspired by the Hawaiian principle of 'ohana,' aiming to create an environment that fosters a strong sense of community and togetherness. This goes hand in hand with the idea that our space is not just a dwelling but a shared experience, where individuals coming together can form their own unique 'ohana'—a family bound by shared experiences, support, and a genuine sense of connection. In addition, drawing from owner Robin Duryea's time in Indian Ashrams, our space seeks to strike a harmonious balance between individual and collective well-being.

Hosting approximately five to seven overnight guests, the Main House features two inviting upstairs bedrooms with King and Queen beds. Downstairs, our flexible space accommodates at least four single and full beds, and we can customize configurations to suit your preferences. Luxuriate in two and a half bathrooms, including a lavish soaking tub and an invigorating outdoor shower. The fully stocked kitchen is a culinary haven for sharing delightful meals.


Embracing a generous spirit, our layout creates ample space for both downtime and entertainment. The lofted open floor plan encourages social interaction, while the downstairs dining area, lounge space, outdoor deck and patio strike the perfect balance. Welcome to the Main House—where versatility, comfort, and community effortlessly come together!

Pavilion: Jugalow Facilities

The Pavilion is an enchanting separate structure located just steps from the Jungalows. It serves as a convenient communal hub for Jungalow guests, providing amenities including an open-air kitchen, dining area, toilets and outdoor showers. The Pavilion offers fantastic views of a blooming lotus pond, coconut and Noni trees, and a mature cashew tree. The Pavilion is a serene spot for those staying in the Jungalows to come together for a meal or tea.


Nestled amidst stunning natural surroundings, our sanctuary is a haven for those with an adventurous spirit seeking to rediscover their connection
with nature and themselves.

Our trio of standalone Jungalows radiate a warm and humble ambiance that enhances the back-to-nature experience. These accommodations provide a serene and uncluttered retreat for guests seeking a peaceful getaway. Embracing a harmonious blend of natural elements and modern comforts, the Jungalows allow visitors to unwind and immerse themselves in the restful surroundings. The Jungalows accommodate one or two beds in each, a queen and a full size bed. All three Jungalows feature a lanai with outdoor seating, an inviting space to enjoy morning and evening rituals.

Jungalow 1