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Private Customized Retreats for your
Personal Evolution 

The intricate workings of the body encompass both the potential for illness and the remarkable capacity for healing. From my personal experiences and decades of study, I’ve come to believe that all illness and any personal dissatisfaction is a manifestation of the spirit's innate desire for growth. The mind plays a pivotal role in interpreting and connecting with the spirit, and these interactions, in turn, shape the way our experiences land in the body. Recognizing the profound connection between spirit, mind, and body, I understand that true healing initiates at the spiritual level, influencing the mind, and ultimately, manifesting transformative effects within the body.


As a spiritual mentor, I aim to guide you in connecting with your own unique spirit to access the valuable information it holds. By closely observing your psychology and engaging in meaningful dialogue, I strive to understand both your conscious and unconscious thought patterns that may be hindering your personal growth. In addition to these practices, I incorporate tailored physical movements to help you establish a deeper connection with your body, promoting alignment and comfort. It's important to note that I only recommend movements that are suitable for your current physical state.

Robin Duryea's relatable approach empowers you to navigate your journey sincerely and honestly, fostering feelings of clarity and possibility. Through her compassionate guidance, she adeptly acknowledges your unique personality and mentality, helping you cut through your clutter with clarity and purpose, ensuring the process is both accessible and impactful. 

My approach combines elements of spiritual mentoring, therapy, and movements and philosophy from the yogic tradition. Throughout our sessions, we will engage in various modalities such as conversation and communication practices, meditation, movement, mantras, visualization, journaling, somatic hypnotherapy, and time spent connecting with the natural Hawaiian elements. These methods are designed to facilitate release, promote perspective, adaptability, influence healthy living, summon courage, refine your vision, and ultimately rediscover possibility. I am committed to providing a professional, experienced, and honest approach in a supportive and inviting atmosphere as we embark on this journey together.


To ensure the continuity of your progress, our time together will culminate in the creation of a personalized "prescription" for you to take home. This prescription will serve as a roadmap for you to implement and maintain the progress you've achieved during our sessions. It will encompass tailored practices and techniques that will support your ongoing growth and well-being, empowering you to continue your journey toward holistic health and fulfillment.

Located on a sustainable sanctuary along the Puna Coastline on the Big Island of Hawaii, your customized retreat will also include valuable time spent in nature, connecting with the earth's power, and practices rooted in ancient wisdom, timeless intuition, and the natural flow, helping you access what you need.

This is a unique and rare opportunity for those ready to invest in their transformation. Explore more details on how this works by clicking here.

Q & A With Robin

  • What do I suggest people start working on today?
    Discipline. Perception of discipline in the Western context has taken on a negative connotation, associated with suppression and oppression. In educational settings, it implies sitting still, being quiet, and adhering strictly to rules that limit us. However, it's essential to revisit the root meaning of discipline, which is 'disciple.' A disciple is someone who wholeheartedly dedicates themselves to a subject they love, immersing themselves in their interests and passions. Whether it's being a disciple of the violin, painting, health, or anything that you're deeply interested in and curious about. What's an aspect of life you want to get to know intimately and understand. What is your passion? Embrace the positive essence of discipline and let it guide you toward what you truly love.
  • What do I love about teaching?
    I’m a rebel at heart so my passion for teaching lies in assisting individuals to reclaim their power over their health, wealth, vitality, relationships, passions, perspectives and what's possible. We're not here to suffer and spend our days clocking in and out while up-holding ideas that keep us stuck. We're here to be bold, excited, and challenged till the end.
  • What’s a truth many people forget?
    An essential truth that so many dismiss, ignore or forget is that you perpetually hold the power of choice. The decision is ultimately and always yours. While the available options may not always be favorable in the moment, the key realization is that you are never without a choice. Sometimes hard decisions have to be made. And, that's ok. It is within your control to allow life's challenges to either wound you or contribute to your wisdom.
  • Recommended Reading
    I recommend anything by Pema Chödrön. “When Things Fall Apart” and “The Places That Scare You”. And, 'Anatomy of the Spirit' by Carolyn Myss.
  • What's a cultural perspective people have accepted to be true but isn't?
    A prevalent cultural misunderstanding with significant consequences is the pervasive notion that individuals lack self-awareness regarding their bodies, hearts, and minds—a misconception I find noteworthy. This misconception has led many away from their innate knowledge, wisdom, and the capacity for self-regulation and self-healing. Frequently, individuals express uncertainty about physical and emotional states, such as headaches, fatigue, stress, or fear, stating, “I don’t know why.” My assertion is that, in reality, individuals do possess this knowledge. The inclination to feign ignorance serves as a means to alleviate the discomfort associated with change. It frequently operates as a mechanism to evade responsibility and circumvent essential corrective actions.
  • What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?
  • Where do you want to travel to that you haven’t yet been?
    Greece and Mexico City
  • What music did you love growing up?
    I'm a 70's rock girl at heart. Loved Led Zeppelin.
  • What feels like a big life accomplishment?
    Irrespective of my outer world, I feel like I've accomplished a lot. Not in terms of material achievements, but rather internally. I've overcome my own inner challenges and limitations, landing me at a spot within myself that feels aligned, light, free, and creative, in both times of joy and times of challenge. Life challenges don't feel so overwhelming or unsolvable. I've developed perspective and confidence with how I navigate the ups and downs. I enjoy life, I take chances that foster growth and maintain a healthy positive perspective. I could have easily given up and taken the 'easy' road, the predictable road, the 'safe' road, but I didn't. I stayed true to what felt right. I showed up and engaged with my own evolution. Which I still do, daily. It's all practice.
  • A go-to podcast?
    Ancient Wisdom Today by Shaman Durek.
  • What's an area of support I like to offer?
    My professional focus is aiding individuals in recognizing and addressing their blind spots. I provide tools to foster awareness of your habits and patterns of thoughts and actions that are holding you back. I encourage clients not to view life as a dress rehearsal but to really seize opportunities and possibility. Learning to bring in more ease, to re-ignite and strengthen intuition and tenacity, learning to not take things so personally, and cultivating trust in oneself and the universal laws are integral aspects of my approach. When confronted with significant decisions, I often employ a reflective practice— imagining myself on my deathbed, looking back at my present position, and contemplating what my future self would advocate: playing it safe or taking bold steps.
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I had the most transformative experience at Kuololi and my intensive fundamental practice with Robin Duryea. She observed and helped me perfect my fundamental yoga poses during our 4 day one on one and this has created a profound impact on my practice. The personalized attention and thoughtful guidance allowed me to deepen my understanding of each pose, fostering both physical and spiritual growth. I also very much looked forward to our daily yoga philosophy study and journaling, which allowed my body and mind to reach higher depths of knowing.


The serene jungle setting, combined with the teacher's expertise, made this retreat an unforgettable journey toward mindfulness and self-discovery. Grateful for this enriching experience that has left a lasting positive imprint on my yoga journey and life.


- Kyle C. 

Feeling Ready

Complete the form below, and I'll create a personalized program just for you. This retreat provides tools for ongoing practice and confidence on your journey.

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