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Kūaloli Retreats & Lodging | Pāhoa, Hawaii | Lotus Pond

Welcome to Kūaloli 

Aloha & Welcome
to Kūaloli Retreats and Lodging

Kūaloli is Hawaiian for Metamorphosis.

We are a wellness & eco-retreat beautifully designed to highlight the geological drama and abundant fruit trees specific to this part of the island. Kūaloli is a unique, three-acre, off-grid property situated atop dried lava beds where the jungle meets the ocean. Visit for restoration and tranquility and for the raw, wild and profound elements.


Kūaloli offers a unique experience with an opulent display of fruiting coconut, banana, mango, papaya, avocado, cashew, lilikoi, citrus, noni, cacao trees, and more. Three flowering butterfly habitats, four blooming lotus ponds, and a fantastic display of the abundant jungle life excite and delight our guests. The breathtaking feel is part Botanical Garden part Sanctuary. 

Hosting people from all over the globe who seek to re-connect with the healing properties of nature, joy & awe, Kūaloli functions in a multitude of ways. We are a retreat center hosting a variety of Yoga, Meditation, and Healing Retreats. We have accommodations for over-night guests, we offer jungle-to-table meals, on-sight classes, events, curated personal retreats, weddings and more! Night, week, and monthly stays are welcome. We're here for you to immerse into nature and back to yourself.


Contact us to find out how Kūaloli can best serve you.

Kualoli Retreats & Lodging | Pāhoa, Hawaii | Fresh Fruit
Kualoli Retreats & Lodging | Pāhoa, Hawaii | Fresh fruit

Whether your stay is short or long you will feel peace in the tranquility, abundance and beauty of this island paradise. 



7 Days + 7 Chakras +

5 Elements Retreat


Raise Your Vibration

Develop Clarity, Empowerment & Will Power


April 21-29, 2023

Offerings &

  • Yoga,Meditation, Healing, Wellness, Private & Group Retreats

  • Night, Weekly, Monthly Lodging 

  • Weddings

  • Rent a single cabin, main house or the whole property! 

Guest Reviews

This was a lovely retreat. I felt welcomed into Robin's beautiful life full of abundance and beauty. I learned a lot, ate delicious meals every day, and the jungalow was so cozy and comfortable.

January 2023

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