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Kualoli Retreats | Wedding Ceremony


Nestled in this idyllic setting, our retreat center is the perfect venue for hosting unique and unforgettable weddings. For overnight celebrations, our property can comfortably sleep up to 13 overnight guests, offering an intimate and tranquil atmosphere for your special occasion. For daytime events, we welcome larger groups of guests to share in your joy and create beautiful memories.


For those seeking intimacy and the spiritual essence of weddings, as well as nature lovers captivated by a picturesque backdrop, our retreat is the perfect choice. Located just across the street from the ocean, it offers breathtaking views that will enhance the beauty of your ceremony.


Experience a day filled with love and joy, surrounded by lush foliage and the soothing sounds of nature. Your cherished memories and love story will come to life in this tranquil space.


To learn more about our wedding services and availability, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help you create the wedding of your dreams in this enchanting slice of paradise.

Kualoli Retreats | aerial view of property

What sets us apart is the thrilling fusion of untamed beauty and refined elegance. This island boasts a breathtaking showcase of nature's forces and is steeped in mana – spiritual energy.


Our property is meticulously crafted to evoke the ambiance of a botanical garden and sanctuary, featuring enchanting butterfly habitats, serene lily ponds, and a diverse array of tropical fruit trees.


With an abundance of space that sparks creativity, our venue allows you to design a truly unique celebration, seamlessly transitioning between indoor and outdoor spaces, ensuring an unforgettable and dynamic event.

Our venue provides a versatile setting, allowing for creative flexibility in layout, lighting, and the use of both indoor and outdoor spaces. We cater to weddings that can be enjoyed for a single day or extended into an overnight experience, with the added convenience of a tent available to shield you from the elements.


With a capacity that can comfortably host wedding parties from a few to 40 or more, our venue creates an exclusive and intimate atmosphere for your celebration. Additionally, the property offers accommodation options, capable of sleeping up to 13 individuals, ensuring a memorable experience for you and your loved ones.

Kualoli Retreats | main house evening event
Kualoli Retreats | Outdoor Wedding Venue

We exclusively provide property rental services, while other event needs are outsourced. You have the flexibility to either utilize our recommended support services or bring in your own vendors as desired. Whether it's exchanging vows surrounded by lush tropical greenery or dancing under the starlit sky, your moments will effortlessly exude tranquility and charm.

We are here to assist you in creating the wedding of your dreams in this enchanting slice of paradise. Contact us to learn more about our wedding services and to book your dates.

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