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Summoned By Spirit

Kūaloli Retreats | Robin Duryea

Robin became the owner and caretaker of this special property in fall 2021. The unforeseen journey began in summer 2020. While at home in the heart of downtown San Francico, deep in meditation, she received an intuitive hit, a very clear directive, that called her very specifically to the East Side of the Big Island, Hawaii. Hawaii was not on her radar at the time and while her grandparents had retired  there when she was a child it had been 30 years since she had visited the Big Island. This call, though feeling very fortuitous was also met with hesitation. After feeling into it, deliberating for a month, Robin surrendered, summoning the courage to purchase a one-way ticket because Robin understood that when spirit, creator, the divine, consciousness, God, whatever name you go by, when it calls, you answer. So, she boarded the plane thinking she'd be gone a month or two. Little did she know that this leap of faith would reshape everything about her life.


Upon reaching the island, Robin embarked on a journey marked by surrender, coupled with trust that something profound was unfolding, even in the midst of uncertainty and the unknown. In the whirlwind of the first few months, events unfolded rapidly, prompting her to live out of a suitcase for a year while the logistical steps played out. Eventually, these steps solidified her relationship with the concealed jewel, Kūaloli.

As she immersed herself in the intricacies of learning how to live off the land, a new chapter unfolded when she discovered the profound meaning of 'malama' in Hawaiian culture – the essence of being a steward, caretaker, to protect and preserve. Embracing this role, she now acts as both custodian and host, extending a warm welcome to visitors worldwide who seek Hawaii's natural beauty, enchanting magic, and healing properties. Kūaloli is not just a place; it is a haven for those yearning to enhance their lives by reconnecting with nature and spirit. Robin takes immense joy in witnessing how the land of Kūaloli positively impacts people's lives, as it did and does hers, sharing the profound mana, the spiritual energy of this sacred land.

Each day spent on this sacred land serves as a reminder of an invaluable lesson bestowed by the land itself. It whispers the significance of not giving up, of holding onto the belief that there is something greater in the universe providing for our needs. There is no shortage. With even a glimmer of faith and lot of courage and patience, the seemingly impossible evolves into a realm of possibility.

In the embrace of nature's wisdom she is reminded that when we align our lives with the rhythms of nature, we open doors to profound healing and prosperity that extends to all living beings. With open arms and an unwavering sense of purpose, Robin invites you to experience the awe-inspiring beauty and enchantment of Hawaii within the haven she now lovingly cares for. Here, the profound teachings of the land gracefully merge with the nurturing attention she bestows, creating a sanctuary for personal transformation, meaningful connections, beauty, joy, healing and awe.

Robin is a long-time teacher and guide who extends her personalized support to those seeking individualized and transformative guidance in a powerful setting. She also hosts group retreats and opens her space for others to convene and create their own retreat experiences.

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