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Personal Retreat Experience

Robin Duryea’s 1:1 Retreats offer personal support and attention from an experienced teacher. This is your opportunity for self-healing and empowerment in a
nourishing and idyllic setting. Learn to internally source what you need to feel
good and live life on your terms.

This retreat benefits anyone who wants:

  • knowledge, support, tools, inspiration, honesty and  clarity

  • help navigating any kind of life change with strength and grace

  • four days to focus on their practice and have healthy time in an incredible setting

  • to bring more joy and play into their lives 


About Robin

Originally from San Francisco, Robin spent a decade offering Yoga and other healing modalities. She is now the owner and steward of Kualoli Retreats on the Big Island of Hawaii. After a year of settling in and hosting guests, friends, students, classes, and retreats she is now available to host 1:1 mentorship programs.

The Personal Retreat Experience

This retreat is curated just for you! It includes four nights, three full days, and a total of eight, two-hour practices. Each practice is designed according to your personal desired outcomes. Pulling from an array of modalities, you can choose to focus on any area of life - work, love, health, family, and more.

Here you will experience a life-changing immersion into the power of nature and the potential of your practice to empower your life. 



You will have your own sweet, private cabin (“jungalow”) nestled amongst papaya, cacao, and guava trees just steps from the ocean. Your jungalow is outfitted with a queen bed, a private deck, and partial views of the ocean. Just steps from your jungalow, you will have use of the Pavilion -  a separate structure that overlooks our lotus pond and houses the kitchen, dining area, showers, and bathrooms.


We have an in-house chef who makes food for the soul. You can include breakfast, lunch and/or dinner at an additional cost. There is also a kitchen for you to use during your stay should you prefer to cook your own meals. Or, enjoy a combination of both.


Need inspiration?

Topic ideas to address during your retreat

  • Develop perspective, clarity, confidence, courage, excitement and inspiration

  • Create clear, actionable steps

  • Come back to the body and its natural wisdom

  • Re-frame your thinking around what’s possible

  • Rewrite the script

  • Letting go of old stories

  • Learn to perceive and work with change as an exciting opportunity

  • Acknowledging there is no set timeline in life. Create a timeline that works for you.

  • Check limiting language

  • Evolve out of limiting beliefs

  • Develop a pro-aging attitude

  • Make a plan to get off prescription drugs

  • Ignite creativity with how you move through the world

  • Strengthen intuition

  • Get back to your practice and start feeling good again!

  • Address thoughts and feelings that hold you back; fear, doubt, insecurity, cultural noise, family expectations

Available Practices Include

(but are not limited to)

  • Yogic postures (asana) per your body’s needs for alignment, health & grounding - beginner to advanced

  • Specific meditation techniques for specific outcomes - such as calm, focus, insight, and more

  • Mantras to rewire the brain

  • Breathwork to address the nervous system, mental state and spiritual self

  • Writing/Journaling for clarity and accountability 

  • Mythology for activating and awakening

  • Shiva/Shakti exploration for balance

  • Somatic work to improve the subconscious/physical body relationship

  • Healthful eating practices

  • Music and sound for release and activation (Gong & Harmonium)

  • Plus more!

Working with Robin

“I went to work with Robin because I could feel that she is an incredibly powerful teacher, not only with physical asana but also with philosophy, mythology, mantra, etc. When I initially met her she had such a strong and healing presence. I wanted to work on feeling inspired and cultivating more freedom in my life.


My experience was completely transformative!! I absolutely loved my sessions with Robin twice a day. She is a total powerhouse!! She tailored all of my sessions to assist with my current life experiences and challenges, and I felt completely seen and held by her. We worked on alignment with physical asana practice, specific mantras to help with my current situation, as well as deep meditation, breath work, and other unique healing modalities that Robin offered.


I was left feeling better than I could have ever imagined! As someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my life, I felt like the chemicals in my brain were equalized for the first time. And the blessings in my life flowed in after I left Robin’s retreat center. The results were nothing short of pure magic! It’s hard to put it all into words - it must be experienced to be understood.”


- Whitney P.

Get to Know Robin - Vibe Check

  • What do I suggest people start working on today?
    Discipline. Perception of discipline in the Western context has taken on a negative connotation, associated with suppression and oppression. In educational settings, it implies sitting still, being quiet, and adhering strictly to rules that limit us. However, it's essential to revisit the root meaning of discipline, which is 'disciple.' A disciple is someone who wholeheartedly dedicates themselves to a subject they love, immersing themselves in their interests and passions. Whether it's being a disciple of the violin, painting, health, or anything that you're deeply interested in and curious about. What's an aspect of life you want to get to know intimately and understand. What is your passion? Embrace the positive essence of discipline and let it guide you toward what you truly love.
  • What do I love about teaching?
    I’m a rebel at heart so my passion for teaching lies in assisting individuals to reclaim their power over their health, wealth, vitality, relationships, passions, perspectives and what's possible. We're not here to suffer and spend our days clocking in and out while up-holding ideas that keep us stuck. We're here to be bold, excited, and challenged till the end.
  • What’s a truth many people forget?
    An essential truth that so many dismiss, ignore or forget is that you perpetually hold the power of choice. The decision is ultimately and always yours. While the available options may not always be favorable in the moment, the key realization is that you are never without a choice. Sometimes hard decisions have to be made. And, that's ok. It is within your control to allow life's challenges to either wound you or contribute to your wisdom.
  • Recommended Reading
    I recommend anything by Pema Chödrön. “When Things Fall Apart” and “The Places That Scare You”. And, 'Anatomy of the Spirit' by Carolyn Myss.
  • What's a cultural perspective people have accepted to be true but isn't?
    A prevalent cultural misunderstanding with significant consequences is the pervasive notion that individuals lack self-awareness regarding their bodies, hearts, and minds—a misconception I find noteworthy. This misconception has led many away from their innate knowledge, wisdom, and the capacity for self-regulation and self-healing. Frequently, individuals express uncertainty about physical and emotional states, such as headaches, fatigue, stress, or fear, stating, “I don’t know why.” My assertion is that, in reality, individuals do possess this knowledge. The inclination to feign ignorance serves as a means to alleviate the discomfort associated with change. It frequently operates as a mechanism to evade responsibility and circumvent essential corrective actions.
  • What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?
  • Where do you want to travel to that you haven’t yet been?
    Greece and Mexico City
  • What music did you love growing up?
    I'm a 70's rock girl at heart. Loved Led Zeppelin.
  • What feels like a big life accomplishment?
    Irrespective of my outer world, I feel like I've accomplished a lot. Not in terms of material achievements, but rather internally. I've overcome my own inner challenges and limitations, landing me at a spot within myself that feels aligned, light, free, and creative, in both times of joy and times of challenge. Life challenges don't feel so overwhelming or unsolvable. I've developed perspective and confidence with how I navigate the ups and downs. I enjoy life, I take chances that foster growth and maintain a healthy positive perspective. I could have easily given up and taken the 'easy' road, the predictable road, the 'safe' road, but I didn't. I stayed true to what felt right. I showed up and engaged with my own evolution. Which I still do, daily. It's all practice.
  • A go-to podcast?
    Ancient Wisdom Today by Shaman Durek.
  • What's an area of support I like to offer?
    My professional focus is aiding individuals in recognizing and addressing their blind spots. I provide tools to foster awareness of your habits and patterns of thoughts and actions that are holding you back. I encourage clients not to view life as a dress rehearsal but to really seize opportunities and possibility. Learning to bring in more ease, to re-ignite and strengthen intuition and tenacity, learning to not take things so personally, and cultivating trust in oneself and the universal laws are integral aspects of my approach. When confronted with significant decisions, I often employ a reflective practice— imagining myself on my deathbed, looking back at my present position, and contemplating what my future self would advocate: playing it safe or taking bold steps.
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How it works


Fill out the form below with your preferred dates and desired outcomes. I’ll tailor a program specifically for you and your needs, based on your responses. We’ll review the program and make any needed adjustments. The retreat will also equip you with tools to take home for continued practice and confidence on your journey. 


Cost: Monetary exchange is negotiated depending on the work we do and if meals are provided.

Answer these questions and let the journey begin!



  1. ) What is your reason for booking a personalized retreat with Robin?

  2. Any past injuries or traumas you'd like to share?

  3. How would you like to feel after your time with Robin in Hawaii?

  4. What would you like for yourself 3 to 6 months from now? 

  5. What dates work for you? 

  6. Do you want meals provided? If so, how many meals a day? We recommend breakfast with all our fresh fruits!

  7. How did you hear about Robin and Kualoli? 

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